Our Story

With an initial staff of 14 BRC West Indies Limited started manufacturing BRC Welded Wiremesh for concrete reinforcement in February of 1980. The company has since expanded its product range to include Weldmesh (galvanized and plain), Brickforce, Reinforcing Steel Bars (deformed high yield in British Standard and American Standard as well as smooth mild steel), Scheduled (Cut & Bent) Steel, three profiles of “screw-through” Corrugated Steel Roof Cladding, two profiles of Standing Seam Roofing Systems, Hurricane Straps, four styles of Hurricane Shutters, and Seamless Eave Gutters.

BRC has proven itself to be one of the leading companies in the field of construction steel, with a reputation for high quality products and services. Quality control procedures are constantly monitored to ensure continued compliance with the relevant standards. The company’s drive for quality is reflected in the numerous awards which it has received over the years and its reputation for quality extends throughout the CARICOM region.

From its inception, BRC has sought to keep pace in a continuously evolving industry, through being informed and innovative.

As specialists in reinforcement, BRC seeks not only to provide our Nation with a firm building foundation, but offers a product range which contributes significantly to the reinforcing of each elementary phase of building construction.