Accordion Shutters

Permashield® Accordion Shutters

Permashield® Accordion Shutters offer both superior protection and ease of use. These are perfectly suited for windows, sliding glass doors, balconies, lanais and verandas. The system features folding interlocking Accordion Blade Profiles, made of extruded aluminium, and is entirely manually operated.

For extremely wide openings “floating stacks” can be utilized allowing easier handling and greater storage options for stacks when not in use. Accordion shutter can be secured from the inside or outside with a variety of locking mechanisms to satisfy your security needs.

To estimate the amount of storage required for stacks, the following general rule can be applied: one inch of stacking per linear foot of track plus 3 inches. e.g. a 6ft wide sliding door opening would require an additional 9 inches for stacking beyond the opening.