Concealed Fix Roofing

BRC West Indies Ltd. offers two profiles in this long lasting, cost effective system that features concealed fasteners, the absence of visible cut edges, and an all round beautiful roof that meets and exceeds all expectations.

S2500 Permaseam®

Permaseam® (S2500 profile) metal roof panel is a 2″ mechanically seamed structural metal roof system. Designed primarily as a structural metal roof for pre-engineered buildings, this Armco style metal roofing panel is the most extensively tested metal roof system in North America, with over 70 years of history in the field.

Panels may be enhanced with either of three pan profiles: flat, stiffener ribs or striations . Permaseam® is mechanically seamed with the 90° seam lock for increased strength and water tightness.

  • Heavy duty for commercial and industrial use
  • Can be used on low pitch roofs (Min. roof pitch 1.5°)
  • Unique heavy-duty interlock clips available to counter thermal effects
  • May be secured with bearing plates and clips through the insulation to a metal deck
  • Mechanical seaming provides increased strength and a water tight seam

S2000 Permalock®

Permalock® (S2000 profile) metal roof panel is a 1 3/4″ integral snap-lock metal roof system. This metal roof panel combines architectural versatility (for cleanly detailed, continuous seam transitions from roof to mansard, fascia, wall panel or soffit) with the dramatically increased spanning and uplift capabilities of a structural metal roof system.

Panels may be enhanced with either of three pan profiles: flat, stiffener ribs or striations.

  • Medium duty for residential, commercial and industrial use
  • For use with moderate pitch roofs (Min. roof pitch 14°)
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Panels are secured to purlins or substrate by clips allowing for unrestricted thermal movement
  • Interlocking panel mechanism does not require seaming
  • Uniformed clean-standing seam profiles, especially in transitions between roof surfaces to mansards and fascia

Pre-Painted Metal – 0.6mm (24G) Permaclad base con¬forming to ASTM A-792-93 Grade 345A (50A) with a baked-on paint finish. Paint finishes are in accordance with either of the following specs dependent on its source:

A. PermaColour 2000 – 70% Kynar paint finish comprised of a .8 to .9 mil full strength 70% Kynar 500 fluorocarbon (Poly Vinylidene Di-fluoride – PVF2) coating over an epoxy primer of .2 to .3 mil on the finish side with primer and a wash coat on the reverse side.

B. Colourclad – For darker colours, 20 microns of Poly Vinylidene Di-fluoride (PVF2) on each side over a minimum 5 microns of Epoxy Primer with a waxed surface finish OR

C. Colourclad – For lighter colours, 20 microns of Silicone Polyester on each side over a minimum 5 microns of Epoxy Primer with a waxed surface finish.

Aluminium – 1.0mm (18G) aluminium alloy 3105-414 with baked on PermaColour 2000 Kynar paint finish.

Permaclad – 0.6mm (24G) alloy coated steel conforming to ASTM – 792-93 Grade 345A (50A). The alloy of aluminium and zinc is bonded to the steel base by a continuous hot dipping process, offering greater corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance and heat reflectivity.