Our Contributions

BRC makes consistent contributions to the academic community through school adoption programs, academic prize sponsorships, provision of valuable work experience attachments to technical and vocational institutions, provision of university project funding and sponsorship to institutional training organisations. The company has also developed a reputation for being an authority on construction advice and has hosted several free educational forums for contractors, artisans and home owners highlighting Best Construction Practices, Critical Construction Mistakes and Roof Cladding Installation Techniques.
In the sporting arena, the company plays its part through the sponsorships of several teams and events: the BRC Sports Club Cricket Team, the BRC Welch Rovers Netball Team, the Barbados Cricket League’s Cricketer of the Week, Barbados Equestrian Association’s dressage events, swimming meets and more.
In the wider community, BRC quietly provides support and assistance to many needy individuals, churches, rehabilitative organisations and child development centres.