Brickforce is a ladder type masonry reinforcement that consists of two parallel flattened main wires joined by electrically welded cross wires. It is placed horizontally in the mortar beds of masonry walls to distribute loads, control cracking and also facilitates the use of thinner walls and/or greater spans.

There is no quicker way to reinforce a block wall than BRC Brickforce.

  • Brickforce strips are easy to handle, manipulate and cut, providing considerable savings in labour, time and money.
  • Brickforce is produced from galvanized coated wire rod for increased resistance to corrosion, increasing its effective lifespan.
  • Brickforce is economical, costing less than 1% of total building cost and has the potential to generate greater savings from using thinner walls and smaller foundation sizes.
  • Brickforce controls cracking due to shrinkage, thermal, and settlement effects.
  • Brickforce withstands considerable horizontal pressure due to loading from wind, soil and water.

Brickforce Specifications:

Brickforce is produced from Hard Drawn Galvanized Steel Wire with tensile properties to BS 4482: 1985 and Galvanized coating to BS 443: 1982.

Brickforce is supplied in straight lengths of 3.2m and available in widths of: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm & 225mm.

BK50: for 4” Blocks
BK100: for 6” Blocks
BK150: for 8” Blocks
BK225: for 12” Blocks

Technical Data:

Min Tensile Strength: 510 N/mm²
Minimum Yield Strength: 460 N/mm²
Main Wire Dia.: 3.58mm and flattened
Cross Wire Dia.: 2.5mm at 200mm centres.