Weldmesh and Fine Meshes

Galvanized Steel Weldmesh®

Weldmesh® is a welded steel wire mesh manufactured from bright drawn Galvanized wire, electrically welded at the intersections. Because it is welded it can be cut or bent to the shape required without the wires falling apart and forms its own selvage when cut flush.

Weldmesh® is manufactured in flat sheets with grid spaces  50mm x 50mm, 75mm x 75mm and 75mm x 50mm, with wire diameters of 2.5mm and 4.0mm. The physical properties of the wires used are rigidly controlled to produce a welded mesh which has maximum weld strength combined with ductility.

Plain Steel Weldmesh®

Plain steel Weldmesh® is similarly manufactured in flat sheets with squares 75mm x 75mm and 75mm x 25mm from 4.0mm diameter wires.

Welds: All intersections are resistance welded without reducing the tensile strength of the wires and the welds have an average shear strength equal to 80 per cent of the wire strength.

Finish: Where Weldmesh® is supplied with a galvanized finish, the zinc coating is to BS443.

Weldmesh® General Uses

Weldmesh® has an infinite number of uses, some of the most general applications being:

  • Garden Protection
  • Cages & Aviaries
  • Tree Guards
  • Poultry Pens & Flooring
  • Animal Pens
  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Fish Screens
  • Gabions
  • Partitions & Enclosures
  • Racking & Shelving
  • Dewatering Screens
  • Barbeque Grills
  • Stairways
  • Storage Lockers
  • Litter Bins
  • Machinery and Window Guards
  • Balustrades and cat-walks
  • Ventilator & Fan Guards
  • Safety barriers & Fire Guards
  • Security, bulkheads & cargo-cages
  • Cable Trays
  • Crates
  • Manhole & Countertop Reinforcement
  • Gabions
  • Cable Trays
  • Enclosures
  • Tree Guards

Galvanized Fine Meshes

This range of mesh products is referred to by several names (galvanized hardware cloth, hot dipped screen wire, galvanized screen wire) and are an economical choice for industrial, agricultural and some residential uses. Fine mesh products are first welded before the galvanize coating is applied by a hot dip process.