Our Milestones

From its inception, BRC has sought to keep pace in a continuously evolving industry, through being informed and innovative. The earlier products such as BRC’s high tensile and mild Reinforcing Steel Bars have stood the test of time, forming an integral part of building construction: in foundations, slabs, columns and beams.
The introduction of BRC Brickforce® provided horizontal reinforcement for concrete blockwork and promoted the erection of walls with greater binding power and fewer cracks.
In roof cladding, BRC introduced an on-line system which featured custom sheet lengths. This carried such benefits as the virtual elimination of sheet laps (hence areas susceptible to rusting), faster & easier installations and much reduced costs due to more efficient material utilisation. The company’s, installation service also made it possible for the home owner to have a new roof completely fitted or changed in a short time period.
In 1995, BRC made the transition to producing its Welded Wire Mesh solely in flat sheets, recognising that the straightening and placement of mesh rolls can be very time consuming and labour intensive. This allowed for more effective placement in reinforced-concrete slabs and provided a more cost effective product.
In 1996, BRC made a further contribution to the fortification of building construction when it began production of a variety of Hurricane Anchors, Ties and Clips.
November 2002 saw a diversification of the company’s roofing products line when Permalock® and Permaseam® Standing Seam Systems were introduced into the market. These roofing systems addressed the major modes of metal roof corrosion failure and featured concealed fasteners, minised visible cut edges, a thicker standard guage and a wider choice of colours and materials.
In 2003, BRC fortified its Rebar production capabilities when it invested in machinery to manufacture Custom Cut & Bent Steel, Stirrups and Spirals; formerly a service not readily available to the general public and often imported by large contractors.
The company established a Shutters Department in 2006 when it started the production of an economy Roller Shutters. 2008 saw the emergence of the Permashield® shutter brand accompanied by the refinement of the Roller Shutter products and the addition of Accodion, Bahama and Colonial shutters.
In 2009 BRC expanded its roll-formed product line with the addition of a portable machine to manufacture Permaflow® Seamless Aluminium and Copper Gutters for roof eaves. The product plays a vital role in redirecting water off of the roof to reduce erosion at the building’s foundation and is an ideal means of capturing rainfall for water collection systems.
As specialists in reinforcement, BRC seeks not only to provide our nation with a firm building foundation, but offers a product range which contributes significantly to the reinforcing of each elementary phase of building construction.